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Ostinato drumming
Link page
What is an ostinato?
Where it began,where is it going?
How do I do that?
Player examples
Four way co-ordination
Independence day
How do we learn ?
Paradiddle ostinato "how to"guide
EASY START (ish ) gulp!
NEW Para grooving
V DRUM practice pad (V =cheap version )
Power Practice
Mind work outs
What am I working on?
The musician drummer?
Accent ostinato
Sound clusters
Over odd time
Poly page
Odd times ahead
Pedal swing?
Make mine a double?
For the art
Pedal Physics
Guest book
Link page

And in no given order..........  links!

KIT-TOYS trigger cymbals

Mark White

About the web site of - The nearly famous Mark White :)       
i myself Made a mess of my hands 2 years ago
after over playing long hours and working jobs that damaged my hands.
I thought thats it!..... now what? give up drums because it hurts to much to play
its a scary situation. 
i got lucky after what seemed like an age I recovered
Mark White delt with wrist pains for years but his chops are sill razor sharp
Mark has made a great site to show how you can cope with these issues and come back from anything by thinking positive and over coming any obstacal
in his way.Mark has been hit with other huge problems in the last few years
and still bounces back its amazing
he's now on a mission to help others that could end up in the same situation.  
Check him out
Best wishes from Mike